Blog 7: Top Trumps!

For some obscure reason I do not know, I recently got a get of Olympic Top Trumps free with a pair of shoes.
I thought about what to do with them before handing them over to my class and asking them what we could use them for (other than playing Top Trumps).  Their ideas were fantastic:

  • Use the stats to make a database about Olympic Legends
  • Create our own Top Trump cards
  • Find out the mean, median and mode of the different stats
  • Use them to create a presentation about Olympic legends
  • Create biographies about Olympic legends using extra research
  • Make a quiz online
So I gave them the choice and their response was amazing. I am now on the lookout for other Top Trump sets to meet the topics in our school.

Not a very technological blog, but I thought I'd share.  What would you use them for?

BTW, here is the photo story Dylan created using one group's own cards.

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