Blog 12: Top Trumps 2- Return of the Trump

This is my first blog of 2013 and hopefully the first of many. I am writing it with a 6 month old on my lap, so please excuse any grammatical or spelling errors. I shall fix them once this little one is off to sleep!

I have previously blogged about how I used Top Trumps as an inspiration for a mini project during the build up to the Olympics in 2012.

Since then, trumping has crept back into my classroom as an enterprise project linked to our topic on The Tudors.  In this project we designed Tudor Top Trump cards from scratch, which we then produced and sold to classes in our school. The money raised went towards food for our Tudor banquet.

I did a nano presentation at Teach Meet Bolton in November 2012, a video of which can be seen below (link to come).

A brief structure of the project can be seen in the Prezi presentaion below:

We started by playing with existing sets of cards, then we analysed what made a good card.  The children were then led to suggest creating our own for our topic, solving the problem of funding our forthcoming banquet.

Groups were created (using team picker app) and the challenge was set.  By the end of the two weeks each child had contributed to:
  • Researching famous people from the Tudor era
  • Creating and scanning portraits (some chose to create them using electronic art software such as 2Paint a Picture or the Art Rage app)
  • Combining text and graphics, including word art and borders (2Publish+)
  • Creating a net for the box using publisher
  • Adding a design to, printing and creating the net
  • Costing the product- creating a spreadsheet to show sales predictions
  • Creating a persuasive script for an advert
  • Persuasive writing: why you should buy my product
  • Filming and editing the adverts using the iPads (apps included: Green Screen HD, Funny Movie Maker, iMovie)
  • Writing a blog/ recount about the project
The most pleasing part of the project was the level of engagement for all pupils as they worked collaboratively towards a shared goal.  The standard of writing was very pleasing also, especially for the boys in my class.

The project was done over two weeks and encompassed so many areas of the curriculum, from writing (persuasion, biographies) to Art and DT (producing packaging and artwork for the cards).

This can be applied to most topics in school, so why not give it a try?

Scan video to 26:22 for my presentation

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