Blog 17: Ideas for introducing game making

Through recent discussions with ICT guys in my LEA, there was a lot of confusion as to how to introduce game making into the curriculum, and what it looks like at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

I've been trialling a few things and also picked up a few things from colleagues on Twitter. These include:

@KS1 and KS2   Tiny Tap- Free iPad app

You use this app to turn photos or 'moments' into games. For example, if you had a picture of a plant, the children can record themselves verbally asking 'Where are the petals?' They then select the region of the picture that, when tapped, gives the correct answer. Games can be shared through the app itself, via email or via iTunes. Really easy to use and effective from Y1 upwards. The beauty of the app is, even as an upper Key Stage 2 user, it can be applied in a range of subject areas.
For example, photograph a sentences and ask the pupils to identify various features. 'Touch the dropped clause. Touch the adverb' etc.

@KS1 and KS2   2DIY- PC based software

This 2Simple software program allows users to create a variety of quizzes and games. This link will give you an overview. (Courtesy of Education Scotland)

@KS2    Scratch- PC Based Software

Scratch allows you to create and share your own interactive games, music, stories and art.  It is free to use.  There are numerous demos online, however I have found the resources available through the Code Club most useful as they start from scratch (no pun intended).  The Code Club resources are split into three units. We aim to teach unit 1 in Y4, unit 2 in Y5 and unit 3 in Y6.

@KS2   Zondle

Zondle contains many quizzes to support learning, and allows users to create their own quizzes.  As pupil users, children have the chance to create their own games using the 'Create a Game' tool.

@KS2   Sploder

Sploder is an online game creator. Pupils can create fun games that they can publish to the net and email to friends.

What do you use for game creation? Please share ideas as I am sure there is much much more available!

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