Blog 22: Using iPads and Übersense for Assessment in PE

I have recently come across a fabulous free app called Übersense. It is a video capturing app that enables you to slow the video down, adding annotations and explanations. It is perfect for use in PE, as you can tag videos to specific users and save them in categories.

We used them this week to analyse push passes, control and dribbling our in hockey. The pupils had the videos of themselves on iPads and were able to assess and improve their own performances.

I am sure this very effective app will have many applications across the curriculum.


Blog 21: What we've done with video this year

Here are a few of the things my class (Y5) have done with video this year.  

Earlier this year my class were rather taken with Felix Baumgartner's free fall from the edge of space (see earlier blog).  We use 2Animate to create cartoon animations of the free fall, which were then imported into movie maker, with the pupils recording descriptions of the fall as if they were Felix.

We used the 'I Can Animate' app to recreate the attempted invasion of the Spanish Armada as part of our Topic work.  The pupils were given a 2 minute demo of the app and then had to work it out for themselves, a method I find increasingly useful.  The pupils had card for a backdrop, materials for a boat and other props.  In 2 afternoons they were complete and a great success.
Green Screening
This is a particular favourite of most of the pupils in my class, and a popular choice when pupils have free choice of presentation.  Initially we bought 'I Can Present' software (£149), complete with a green screen (£99).  This worked fairly well, although we had a lot of trouble finding a compatible camera and PC.  Since then we have purchased a great app called 'Green Screen Movie FX Studio'.  Probably the best feature of this app is that you can use any solid coloured background as the 'green screen'.  We've used this to create news reports (Tudor news, Fair Trade reports), music videos and superhero trailers.  It is a fun, creative way of presenting work.

Using iMovie
This is my personal favourite. Again I gave a 2 minute demo then challenged the class to produce movie trailers for the Secret Garden, linking together our work on older literature and our work on persuasion.  If you are unfamiliar with iMovie, it is a video capturing and editing app for iPad, allowing you to add effects and soundtracks to your videos. It also has a set of template movie trailers.  This is what we used and here is my favourite.

Video presentations using Video Scribe
This is a great app that allows you to create simple and effective presentations, such as the one we used to open our class assembly.

Generally having a bit of fun
There are other video apps that we have used, although we have only had a play with them.  This first is 'Funny Movie Maker' (or 'The Annoying Orange app'). Basically you choose or upload an image, position the camera so your mouth replaces the mouth in the image, and film. Another fun way to present your work.
'Video Star' allows you to film yourself or others over a music soundtrack, adding effects in real time. Simple and fun.

The software and apps we've used this year have allowed the pupils to realise their visions and think in a more creative way in a variety of situations.
Do you create and use video? What have you done? How do you store the work?