Blog 26: Sharing Weblinks on Tablets Using Symbaloo

Symbaloo.com is a free web service that I discovered at a Teach Meet in Bolton two years ago.  I've been using it as a personal 'Internet favourites' tool since.

This year we've been using it in school and have found it to be an excellent tool for sharing weblinks across a range of devices at once.  This means that pupils aren't wasting time locating websites or misspelling URLs, resulting in increased learning time (although pupils still have opportunities elsewhere to practise these skills.)

Here's a brief overview of how to set up and use it.  (Note- we use the iPad version, but it is available on other platforms).

To set up your weblinks, go to Symbaloo.com and login using you account details (these will be the account details you will be using for all devices)

Either set up or select your year group's tab:

Then click on an empty tile to add a new link: 

Then complete the box on the left of the screen:
It is now created! 

Accessing on tablets (iPads used for this example)

 Set up the iPads so that they are already logged into the school account.

The app icon looks like this:

When you tap it this menu should appear:
Select the class you want and the menu should appear:
This icon ^ gives you
the option to open the link in Web Browser, otherwise it opens 'in-app'

Try it and see how it goes!  You can also add links to tiles to class webpages and blogs.

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