Blog 32: numbers to 100,000,000 with QR codes

This week I wanted to assess my Year 6 pupils saying and writing numbers to 100,000,000.  Rather than go around individually, I created a sheet with QR codes that linked to audio recordings of large numbers. The pupils then had to write the numbers, using commas as separators. This worked really well and allowed me to assess something in 15 minutes that would've taken much longer.

The audio recordings were made using www.vocaroo.com, which allows you to upload sound files linked to QR codes. (See below)

As you can see above, you cannot use the audio recording function on ipad, so I used the good old TTS Easimic and uploaded the sound file.
Once uploaded/ recorded you are taken to a page on which you can listen to the clip and download a QR code. I pasted this onto the word document for the pupils to scan.

The pupils used Kaywa reader app to scan the codes, listen to the audio and them wrote the number.

Initially the pupils used the place value grid suggested by Michael Tidd (https://michaelt1979.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/stop-teaching-thousands/), but soon moved away.

The combination of QR codes and Vocaroo is definitely worth further exploring. Post your ideas below!


  1. Hi Chris,
    What a fab idea! Do you have this resource available?
    Last year my children recorded their videos and turned them into QR codes via the LGFL video central. Love technology!

  2. Hi. Thank you :-) The resource should be available here...