Blog 33: Engaging Stimuli Using Adobe Slate

For ages, it seems, I have had Adobe Slate installed on my iPad, tucked away in a folder titled 'Productivity'- a place where I tend to stick apps that I fully intend on checking out later.  As is the nature of teaching 'later' seldom comes and when it does it is either filled with helping others, paperwork, marking and, dare I say, family time!

The Adobe Slate website gives little description except 'Make a beautiful visual story in minutes.'  The app replaces boring slide show presentations, making engaging and stunning looking visual slideshows.

I had a play and came up with this one.  Took about 2 minutes.

So tomorrow I am using it in a starter activity in my English lesson recapping personification with my Year 6 pupils.  Instead of a worksheet based task, I have taken stills from the video we are focusing on this week (Rocketeer- good WW2 links) and the pupils are using them as stimuli for their own descriptive sentences.

Each child will have a QR code in their books tomorrow, linking to the appropriately differentiated 'Slate'.  Scroll through the presentation below.

Saved paper. Saved time. Hopefully will increase engagement and focus.

A lovely looking, easy to use app.

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