Blog 35: Apps Apps Apps

Having used iPads in education for nearly 5 years now, I am constantly looking for apps to enhance teaching and learning.  Every now and then I conclude that I must know them all, or at least heard of them.  That was until I was lucky enough to attend Apple's Regional Training Centre Winter Conference at the Belfry.

Held over two days, we were bombarded with apps, ideas and fully immersed in learning experiences that we could use with our pupils to enhance their learning experiences.

Here are a few of the 'highlight' apps.

  • LEGO MOVIE- This stop motion app can be used to create short videos and concept animations (blog coming soon).  It's free! 
  • TOUCH CAST- Narrate files and webpages, create green screen videos and much, much more.  It's free!
  • PADLET- Collaborative whiteboards/ sticky notes etc.  All of your class' ideas in one place. It's free!
  • PICPLAYPOST- Create video collages. (It's like PicCollage for video!) It's free!
  • CREATURE SHOW 123D- Create images with virtual creatures in your pictures. Free!
  • OFFICE LENS- Capture your whiteboards electronically. Simply photograph before rubbing off to keep. Free!
  • ZAPTION- Use video content as talking points.  Insert questions into videos for collaborative and interactive discussion.
  • TYPORAMA- Put gorgeous text on your images.  Check out the 3D rotate tool.
  • POST IT PLUS- Got a load of sticky notes?  Photograph them and this app converts them into digital notes that can be saved either together or individually.  Clever app!
  • KEEZY and KEEZY DRUMMER- Create soundboards and sound loops.
There were so many other ideas: using music in programming, digital photography the proper way, disruptive media.

If you are in the North West and want to learn more, your can sign up to any of our Apple RTC courses for free by visiting www.seftonrtc.weebly.com

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  1. Thanks Chris. Would love to have gone but as I couldn't reading your blog is the second best thing. Cheers mate