Blog 38: uploading and sharing videos/ photos on Google Drive

In a recent workshop at our Apple RTC (www.seftonrtc.weebly.com) we created some fantastic concept animations and video content.  At the end I briefly explained how to share these by making them public on Google Drive.

Below is a video guide of how to upload via iPad, then share publicly using Google Drive from a PC.


Blog 37: Concept Animations

Last evening I was able to share some of the animation ideas I picked up at the Apple RTC Winter Conference.  It was a pleasing turnout, with delegates coming from far and wide to develop their skills and, possibly unknowingly, give me tonnes of ideas!

The theme was 'Concept Animations'- using animation to demonstrate understanding in the classroom.  This could be a teacher making an animation to show the pupils a method, or pupils creating animations to demonstrate understanding.

The app we used was 'Lego Movie Maker' (free).

The app is very intuitive, so the best way forward would be to have a play with it and figure it out.  Seriously, it'll take about a minute!

Below are some of the ideas and quick animations delegates created.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions?