Blog 37: Concept Animations

Last evening I was able to share some of the animation ideas I picked up at the Apple RTC Winter Conference.  It was a pleasing turnout, with delegates coming from far and wide to develop their skills and, possibly unknowingly, give me tonnes of ideas!

The theme was 'Concept Animations'- using animation to demonstrate understanding in the classroom.  This could be a teacher making an animation to show the pupils a method, or pupils creating animations to demonstrate understanding.

The app we used was 'Lego Movie Maker' (free).

The app is very intuitive, so the best way forward would be to have a play with it and figure it out.  Seriously, it'll take about a minute!

Below are some of the ideas and quick animations delegates created.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


  1. An excellent example demonstrating the usefulness of technology in the classroom to present and explore various concepts. Its beneficial that apps such as this become integrated in our way of teach and learning, as incredibly useful tools for engaging and explaining.

    1. It's made certain things a lot more accessible to learners in my class. Very worthwhile investing time in.

      Thank you for your comment